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Intention, to provide a choice of free audio talks to for study and reflection.

Introduction, The suggestion is that the more the body, heart and mind are understood. The less stress we hold. The 3 aspects of this process are study, practice and understanding.

1st Study- Reading and listening to talks can provide different intellectual models of practice to consider. With study an interest to practice often occurs.

2nd Practice- The practices of formal meditation and daily mindfulness (remember to come back ito the present moment) allow for the realization of new understandings to arise.

3rd Understanding- With open minded inquiry we gain insight into the true nature of stress and our role in it. These new understandings lead to further study. Further study leads to more practice. Regular practice leads to more understanding. More understanding = less stress. :-)

Tara Brach
26 Talks arranged in 9 categories

Ajahn Viradhammo 05
33 talks from a 10 day meditation retreat, including 6 guided meditations, 21 dhamma talks, and 6 chants.

Ajahn Viradhammo 06
58 talks of a full 10 meditation retreat, including: meditation instructions, guidance, talk. Also reflective readings, dhamma talks and chanting of the full retreat.

Ajahn Viradhammo Selected Talks
33 selected talks on the "nature of things" and reflection of the sprirtual life.

Ajahn Sona
16 Talks- Guide Meditations, Meditation Topics, Relationships, Various

Bhante Gunaratana
7 Talks- Feelings, Impermanence, The Jhanas

Bhante Rahula

3 Talks- Mindfulness, 5 Aggregates, 8 Fold Path


  1. Awareness
  2. Acceptance
  3. Understanding